TPT Station

The Eye Contact Station captures the video image of a presenter to appear with a professional quality typically only achieved in a broadcast television studio.

Alignment for Eye Contact
The TPT Station incorporates a glass beamsplitter that is positioned at an angle reflect the view of an overhead camera to be aligned with the line of sight of the presenter looking at people transmitted from another location to appear on the screen.

Portrait Lens
A high resolution lens is used to capture a sharp image with excellent clarity. The focal length is longer than the wide angle used in webcams so that the presenter does not appear with an unnatural distortion. This lens achieves the ideal image of a portrait photography studio.

The Professional Image
The Eye Contact Station assures that the presenter is captured on video by meeting the requirements of a professional television production studios. The quality of professional services are judged by what people see and the Eye Contact Station delivers the optimal image.

Optional Studio Lighting
An optional LED light panel is held in position to provide soft lighting on the face of the presenter. This eliminates the shadows under the eyes that are a problem with typical room lighting

Display: 21.5-inch 1920 x 1080 HD monitor

Model: TPT 21S 1000

Camera: HD camera for 720p30 transmission

Bandwidth: Requires 1 to 1.5 Mbps of bandwidth for live video conference

Speakerphone System: Optional speakerphone or headset.

Construction: Anodized aluminum structure with Lexan enclosure for glass beamsplitter

LED Light Panel: White 4000 K LED light panel

Beamsplitter: Tempered glass beamsplitter for aligned eye contact

Computer: Intel M5 processor or optional iMac 21.5-inch with VESA mount

Power: Less than 10 Amps required.

Slim Profile
The station has a slim 3-inch wide metal structure supporting the system components. The footprint is only 12-inch x 21 1/2-inch. With the computer installed the total depth is 14 1/2-inch.

Optional Height Adjustment for Eye Level of Presenter
The module for the camera and monitor is adjustable vertically within slots in the supporting structure to be set at the height that is most comfortable for the presenter.