TPT Showcase

The TPT 3D Holographical Showcase stands out from all other video display systems with true depth in striking high definition three dimensional imagery.

True Depth without 3D Glasses
The Holographical Showcases display video content physically in front of a superimposed backdrop for a true depth, which can be viewed without needing to put on 3D Glasses or VR goggles.

Cost Effective Content Creation
The three dimensional visual effect is created by a patented technology using a single video image, which is subtantially more cost effective than typical stereoscopic 3D movies that require two moving images to be synchronized for the 3D effect.

Meeting Eye to Eye
In addition to presenting stunning three dimensional video content, the Holographical Showcase can be equipped to present live two way video for communication with a customer services representative appearing to be life-size in the 3D setting while making eye contact for natural human communication.

Establishing Customer Relationship
Phone conversations, websites, and emails lack the personal connection that comes from meeting in person. The Holographical Showcase can bring your company representatives in contact with your customers for face-to-face communication to establish a personal connection and build a business relationship.

Available in Multiple Configurations

3D Display Configuration
The Holographical Showcase can be ordered without the touchscreen and the base. This configuration is ideal for placing on a counter or plinth in a public space.

Interactive Configuration
This configuration with a 23-inch touch screen provides choices for users to select video content and to initiate live video communication with a company representative.

Showcase with 27-inch iMac
One configuration of the TPT Showcase is based on the 27-inch iMac. This Showcase is an elegant design with the all-in-one computer for both displaying three dimensional imagery and live telepresence..

Kiosk Configuration
The configuration with the optional base produces a fully operational kiosk with an interactive screen and capabilities for live video communication with your company.