Omni Suite

Omni-Suite provides an effective way for professionals to appear three dimensionally at the office location in close proximity to their customers.

Professional Customer Experience
Omni-Suite provides an exceptional personal connection between professionals and their customers. The transmitted experts are shown in the best light to appear to be physically across the table to provide professional services.

Efficient Customer Service
With Omni-SuiteTM highly paid professionals can spend their time meeting with customers, instead of travelling to customer locations. The customers benefit from Omni-Suite since they can meet with the appropriate expert at their convenience.

Meeting Eye to Eye
In any professional relationship it is essential to establish a sense of trust. Unlike video conferencing and other telepresence systems, the Omni-Suite system is a patented technology that delivers natural eye contact.

Establishing Customer Relationship
Phone conversations and emails lack the personal connection that comes from meeting at the same table. Omni-Suite helps people to get to know each other and to foster a professional relationship based on a natural human connection.

Model: TPT55B

Display: 55-inch LED Professional 1920 x 1080 HD monitor

Camera: HD camera for 720p30 transmission

Bandwidth: Requires 1 Mbps of bandwidth for live video conference

Audio System: Two professional speakers with amplifier

Microphone: Audio Technical cardiod professional microphone

Frame Construction: Aluminum enclosure with steel connecting hardware and milled aluminum bars for glass supports

Exterior Finishes: Metal exterior finished in durable black powder coating and milled aluminum glass sppports are anodized

Front Panel: The front panel can be customized for a wood or metal finish

LED Lighting: White LED lighting for overhead panel and blue LED lighting for edgelit glass

Glass Panels: The two side glass panels are low lead glass for clarity and tempered for safety

Beamsplitter: Glass beamsplitter for three dimensional visual effect laminated to meet safety standards

Overhead Panel: An overhead panel with a printed customized design provides the superimposed backdrop for the three dimensional effect

Casters: Four 5” casters for ease of moving the unit

Power distribution: Internal power distribution with single power plug with less than 10 amps power consumption