Omni Station

Omni-Station captures high definition video of a professional presenter with a camera view at eye level for perceived eye contact with the audience.

Proprietary Beamsplitter Technology
The Omni-StationTM has a beamsplitter in the line of the camera view that reflects at eye level to capture the presenter looking directly at the image of the remote audience appearing on the internal monitor.

High Brightness Display
Within the Omni-Station is a custom monitor that is three times brighter than standard monitors of the same size. With a rating of 1000 nits this monitor is easy to view under broadcast studio lighting.

Integrated Broadcast Quality Lighting
In the upper section of the Omni-Station is an LED panel that provides a soft lighting to the face of the presenter. The daylight color balance lighting delivers a full spectrum of lighting that is ideal for the HD camera.

Integration of Collaboration
In addition to processing the outgoing and incoming video communication the computer system integrates the delivery of presentations, such as PowerPoint, and integrates the collaboration with the video communication to the remote venue.

Model: TPT24C

Display: 24-inch LED Professional 1920 x 1080 HD monitor with 1000 Nits

Camera: HD camera for 720p30 transmission

Bandwidth: Requires 1 Mbps of bandwidth for live video conference

Audio System: One professional speaker with amplifier

Microphone: Audio Technical cardiod professional microphone

Frame Construction: Aluminum enclosure with steel connecting hardware and milled aluminum bars for glass supports

Exterior Finishes: Metal exterior finished in durable white powder coating and anodized milled aluminum glass supports

Front Panel: Glass front panel can accommodate customer logo panel

LED Lighting: White LED lighting for overhead panel and illumination of edges of side glass panels

Glass Panels: The two side glass panels are low lead glass for clarity and tempered for safety

Beamsplitter: Glass beamsplitter for eye contact and tempered to meet safety standards

Overhead Panel: Power distribution: Internal power distribution with single power plug with less than 10 amps power consumption